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About Trabber, the flight, hotel and car search engine
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Welcome to Trabber, the transparent travel search engine

Trabber is a flights, hotels and rental cars online search engine that allows you to compare, with a single click, the results of the main booking sites.

Trabber offers, on a single page, the low cost companies, traditional airlines and online travel agencies offer showing the final prices from the beginning, without commissions.

1We search on 87 webs simultaneously

We search on agency and airlines sites, which guarantees that you will always find all the available flights, hotels and cars.

Trabber airlines and agencies providers

2Find any possible combination

Trabber looks into all available options and finds the cheapest web in each case, whether it's a travel agency, a traditional airline, or a lowcost.

Flights routes and combinations in all the world

3Final prices, without hidden costs

In Trabber we add absolutely all administration costs and fees in advance because we want you to know the final price before your purchase.

Final flights prices: tickets, administration costs and fees

4Without commissions

In Trabber you will get the same prices offered by each of the sites were we search. We don't charge extra fees.

Prices without commissions

5Discover offers in close dates

Trabber alerts you when it finds an offer close to the dates you are looking for.

Close offers and cheap flights calendar

6Subscribe to know about offers that fit exactly what you are looking for

Get the best offers instantly with email, RSS and Twitter alerts.

Travel offers and discounts alerts

Trabber on the media

ABC logo

"The flights search engine that unveils the hidden fees."

Tele 5 logo

"Unlike other portals, it adds the cost per suitcase, and even the credit card fees, from the very beginning."

El País logo

"Tickets without las minute charges. Trabber offers final prices, which include all charges from the first moment."

La Vanguardia logo

"An offer detector for travellers in crisis. The Spanish startup has created an offer tracker software that constantly analyses the flights prices that airlines and travel agencies offer for each route."

Expansión logo

"A fees and hidden commissions tracker."

Emprendedores logo

"A surprise free flights search engine. Trabber.com stands out among the others because it gives you, from the first moment, the ticket final price."

El Economista logo

"Trabber unveils flights commissions and hidden charges. It searches on airlines prices and spots the best option after filtering commissions and baggage fees."

News and community

We are active on social media and have several channels where we publish our reports and travel tips.

Thank you for travelling with us!

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